Treatments & Services

Fran offers flexible appointment hours, from as early as 6am through the evening.

Life Coaching

from gap to goal in a Holistic approach

Personal, Professional, Group, or Private


Do you need help focusing on a goal? Not sure of your next step? Life Coaching is appealing for all the various stages of life. Whether you are 6, 20, or 60, each age comes with unique challenges and life coaching can assist you to focus on your priorities


Life Strategy Coaching can help you:

Let go of what is no longer necessary to hold onto

Come up with a realistic, focused plan for you to integrate into your life


In a private setting, look forward to focusing on concerns related to your life and personal issues. Life Strategy coaching is a valuable technique to help you achieve your desired outcome in any situation. Beneficial in treating blocked energy and lack of motivation.



Lying on a heated massage table with relaxing therapeutic oils and healing music, you will be taken on a tranquil journey. Reflexology is a manipulation of the bodily reflexes to clear energy flow so that all organs can function harmoniously together. Extremely beneficial for spurs, plantar fasciitis, or achy and swollen feet.


Feng Shui

Is your home in disarray, clutter, feeling stagnant, and you can't possibly decide where to begin?

Relax and release as Fran will teach you Feng Shui: the ancient art of placement, clearing the clutter, and why you accumulated it in the first place. A typical home visit includes a consultation, sacred space cleansing, and redesign for positive energy. Your home should truly reflect you and Fran will guide you into this new phase of your life. Expect to feel balanced, organized, and motivated after this sacred space cleansing



The Usui System of Natural Healing treats the recipient as a whole by focusing energy in the chakras to open the body as a channel. Connect to your higher self to heal from within. A Reiki treatment is gentle and comforting. You will feel focused, calm, and release previous issues such as emotional turmoil, headaches, anxiety, depression, and stress.


Fran does home visits for pet Reiki as well. Reiki for pets offers comfort for beloved animals who are in pain, ill, elderly, or nearing the end of life.



Guided with instruction, this deep, centered state of mind will allow you to enter your deeper consciousness to heal your mind and body and restore energy flow. You will leave feeling relaxed and clear minded. Fran offers five minute, thirty minute, and sixty minute meditation sessions.

Ear Candling

Itchy, irritated, or blocked ears can lead to equilibrium imbalance and fatigue. By the gentle treatment of a combination of Japanese rice paper, linen, and beeswax, excess toxins and impurities are drawn out from within the ear to promote cleansing, balance, and inner ear health.


Sinus Drain / Lymphatic Clearing

Do you have congestion, headaches, and fatigue? By the manipulation of specific pressure points cohesively with essential oils, this treatment drains blocked sinus pressure, clears the lymphatic system, allows you to breathe deeply, promotes the health of the respiratory system, and will energize you by refreshing your body and increasing oxygenation.



Fran specializes in craniofacial, muscle release, and acupressure. These therapies are recommended for localized areas of concern, blood circulation, discomfort due to stress, pain, posture improvement, breathing difficulties, and the restoration of your body's natural muscular positioning.

Home Visits and Stay Care

Fran offers home visits for the ill, elderly, and homebound. She also offers stay care to treat your loved one to a relaxing reflexology treatment while the patient's caregiver tends to their own needs.



Class Instruction

As a Master, Fran offers private sessions on Reiki I and Reiki II, as well as meditation and other retreat workshops. All classes include certification upon completion.

Certification Classes, Workshops, & Retreats

Implement goal setting and follow through with accomplishments to create the future you envision, with a variety of classes, workshops, and retreats. 


Home/Group Instruction

Fran will come to your home to treat you and your friends to a meditation, introduction to herbal use, and aromatherapy sampling.

Childrens' Relaxation Sessions

for ages 5-teen

Fran will come to your location and offer meditation and relaxation instruction. Kids love this and parents will be surprised at how relaxed their children are afterward

Are you a business owner?

Treat your staff to a well deserved self renewal! Fran will come to your business. Services offered include a 30 minute meditation for small or large groups and 20 minute staff sign-up hand or foot reflexology.

2 to Renew - ($140)

makes a great gift!

Gift certificate or session for two full hours. This two hours includes an aromatherapy foot soak, hand massage, 20 minute meditation, 30 minute reflexology, and chakra balancing. Beautiful, peaceful time for self care and includes a nourishing lunch.

all therapies include my signature beverage,

nourishing cucumber mint tea handcrafted with hydrating electrolyte water