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Relax, Release, Renew A Vitality Center for healing, support and restoration

By Jennifer Coates

As seen in The Warwick Beacon & warwickonline.com

For Fran Carroll, the owner of Warwick’s newly opened “Vitality Center”, Relax, Release, Renew, there was never any question about what she wanted to do with her life. From the time she was a young girl, accompanying her nurse mother on homecare visits, Fran had a deep sensitivity to the needs of others and an enduring, compelling desire to help people. Driven by her heart ~ and a heightened awareness of this personal “calling” ~ she has pursued a life of helping others ever since.

Those who know Fran are immediately drawn to her kindness and her ability to connect with people. After over a decade working in the medical field where she was witness to traditional remedies for nearly every ailment, Fran grew discouraged with the overuse of prescription medications. She understood at a very basic level that to really HELP people, the only true pathway to “recovery” and inner peace was to treat the root of the problem. This is what Fran Carroll does so well, she connects to people’s hearts and provides a haven for those who need a place to heal, release the weight of the world and be renewed.

Fran Carroll knows that it takes more than intuition to help people discover their path in the world and cope with life’s many challenges. She has received years of professional training as a Holistic Practitioner, Life Coach, Reiki Master and Reflexologist. She warns that there are those who claim to be skilled in these practices but that specific certifications and licensing are always needed when dealing with such sensitive, personal and often-serious issues. Along with her medical background, she brings a unique level of understanding and skill to her practice of nearly twenty years.

What Fran has never needed training in is what comes so naturally to her: the ability to truly listen, support and encourage, add perspective and show genuine compassion. Her clients come from every walk of life, every socio-economic level and every age. These clients are deeply bonded to her.

With the vast resources available to her, she helps her clients with issues of self-esteem, confidence and overcoming self-doubt while getting to the base causes of day-to-day struggles like procrastinating to the larger issues of depression, pain, grief, and being mired in inaction. Fran offers eleven therapeutic services to treat the various concerns of her clients. Her overwhelming desire in her practice is to create “real change and give you your power back.”

After years in an office in Cranston, Fran Carroll has opened her new, serene, restorative and trade-marked “Vitality Center” in Warwick, located at the end Church Avenue at 1274 West Shore Road. Call Fran at 401-965-5122 for your own uniquely customized visit. She will give you the time you need. For more details, visit them at www.RelaxReleaseRenew.com and on Instagram.